Lecture (VORL)

  • Algorithms, programming, and data representation

    Learning how to program in English and focus on Python

    • 4 SWS; Expected participants: 800; ECTS studies (ECTS credits: 5), Lecture's language English
    • Date:
      • Mon 9:15-10:45, Room Live-Stream (exclude vac) ICS
      • Tue 9:15-10:45, Room H7 (exclude vac) ICS

Exercise (UE)

Colloquium (KO)

Other courses (SL)

  • Project Representation Learning


    Deep Learning ML Prof. Dr. Andreas Maier 2+2 5 x E

    Pattern Recognition ML Prof. Dr. Andreas Maier 3+1+2 5 x E

    Maschinelles Lernen für Zeitreihen ML Prof. Eskofier, Prof. Oliver Amft, Dr. Ch. Mutschler 2+2+2 7.5 x E

    • 8 SWS; Expected participants: 20; ECTS studies (ECTS credits: 10)
    • Date:
      • Time and place on appointment